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Milf Soup: Diana

Dec 30,2009


Even when Dane’s mom tells him not to, he can’t resist his Mom’s friend Diana.  She has some great curves, and she teases him over and over again until one day, he relents when Mom isn’t home and fills her with his thick tube snake.

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  • Sunday
    Dec 27,2009


    IT guru Jon Jon stops by to help the beautiful blond Jordon Blue with her computer.  When he fixes her problem, she gives him a tip for being so fast.  She pushes him down into a chair, rips his pants down and begins to suck on his big ass schlong.

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  • Thursday
    Dec 24,2009


    After a great dinner party these horny couples wanted more.  It was then that Cathy, Honey, Lara, and Sarah show them exactly what they want for dessert.  A heavy dish of hard meaty cock.  These horny couples share thick beef, wet pussy and fuck like bunnies.

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  • Manuel Uncut: Sheila and Heidi

    Dec 21,2009


    These two bitches were having a contest. Who has the biggest roundest ass.  When they can’t quit fighting Manuel comes by to give them the ass test.  He gets those hot sluts naked and then bangs them both before announcing they are tied, they both have a sweet tight ass.

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  • Cum Fu: Kim Tao

    • Filed under: Cum Fu
    Dec 18,2009


    This cute Asian fuck monkey is Kim Tao and she is always ready to suck and fuck a huge cock.  When this guy hit on her she couldn’t wait to get him somewhere like the inside of his suv.  She sucked and fucked that big meat until she was soaking wet with girl juice.

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  • Hot Bush: Bobbi

    Dec 15,2009


    This luscious brunette has a bangin body and a gorgeous pussy that is full of hair.  She is one horny slut and when this guy follows her home she invites him in for a drink and a hard ass fucking that leaves her spread wide and walking funny.

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  • Monster Curves: Kelly

    Dec 12,2009


    When this nasty slut called over both her boyfriends to let them down easy, she was in for a suprise.  They didn’t mind that she was dating them both at the same time.  In fact, they thought it was hot.  They showed her how hot as they both took turns destroying her pussy and phat ass.

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  • Wednesday
    Dec 9,2009


    When this frat guy tried to get into Mallory Rae’s dorm room he got more than he barganed for!  He wanted to steal her panties, but he ended up stealing her heart and tearing up that sweet pussy!  That big cock tore the shit out of her teen pussy and she was one happy fuck slut when he was finished.

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  • Real Wife Stories: Madelyn

    Dec 6,2009


    When this gorgeous wife goes to check out a house for sale, her husband gets bored and leaves her alone with the real estate agent.  What a dumbass.  It doesn’t take these two lonely people long to hookup and fuck themselves stupid in that empty house.

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  • Thursday
    Dec 3,2009


    The bomb has went off and three lucky surviors are left alone in a bomb shelter waiting for help of any kind.  The food reserves are low and they shiver everyday waiting for news.   When the guys wake up to find that big ass blond eating the rations they use that big ass and feed their cocks with that ass over and over again.

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