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Aug 28,2009


This poor guy had a major car breakdown and had to stay at the local hotel. It wasn’t the best hotel, but when he ordered room service he got more than just something good to eat. He got a big ass brunette bitch that rode his cock with her tight ass until he was spilling his seed everywhere.

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  • Jurassic Cock: Isis

    Aug 25,2009


    Isis loves to play tennis and when she sees famous Ron Jeremy playing as well she asks him for a friendly game. He agrees, but after seeing her tender curves he dares her to play a game where the winner gets a hard fucking. She laughs at him and says sure. He tears her apart on and off the tennis court after that.

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  • Saturday
    Aug 22,2009


    These pretty Asian sluts can’t wait to share a huge dick. They shared that big stick licking, playing and of course deep throating that mighty meat, but I don’t think they were expecting the huge load of cum that came shooting out of that meat pistol. Watch as that pretty Asian face gets drowned in cum.

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  • 18 Years Old: Bliss

    Aug 19,2009


    This lovely brunette is Bliss, and I have to say that her name fits her perfectly. She is a sweet and lovely little teen that needs to be given special attention. She is selling snow cones to get enough cash for a used car. She needs it for her first semester of college. She gets more than cash today as this guy gives her a sausage for her snow cones.

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  • Facial Fest: Preston

    Aug 16,2009


    Cute and perky Preston is a true blond nympho! She thought she could handle any cock that was given to her, and that was her mistake. This hard dick abuses her fuck holes until she is shivering from orgasm after orgasm until she is shoved down and she gets a big blast of white creamy milk for her dessert.

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  • Real Wife Stories: Jayden

    Aug 13,2009


    This pretty little wife went on a trip for her company. Her husband thought it would be erotic if he surprises her and joins her in a hotel room for the weekend. Imagine his surprise when he finds her with another guy and girl. At first he is pissed, but then he gets into this foursome and they all fuck like mad hatters until they unleashed those pipes of cum.

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  • Milf Soup: Val Malone

    Aug 10,2009


    Beautiful blond Val Malone jogs each and every day to keep her fine body in shape, and so she can scope out the guys in the neighborhood. When she finds Dimitri dumping his Dad’s trash, she knows she wants him to dump something into her mouth. She takes him home and shows him the fantastic assets an older woman has to offer him.

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  • Teens at Work: Night Shift

    Aug 7,2009


    When Alexia finds out she has the night shift again she wigs out. She really hates having to stick around and being alone is both creepy and well lonely. When Scott comes by to visit she pulls him in and has him help her do some cleaning. She spreads her legs wide so he can clean out her pink pussy with his hard thick cock.

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  • Tuesday
    Aug 4,2009


    When Dyana can’t get in touch with her sexual side she goes to visit Dr. Poppycock. This thick black stud knows exactly what this horny milf needs. She needs a heavy hung black man to open up that pink pussy and show her what she has been missing. Watch her get that tight ole pussy destroyed by this black monster.

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  • Saturday
    Aug 1,2009


    It is a super hot day and Abbie wants to have a BBQ outside in her backyard. She calls over her best friends and Mandy, Valery and Victoria show up. They bring along four hot guys and that just adds to the days sizzling heat. Watch as they swap out cocks and show those horny studs exactly what an outside BBQ is all about.

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