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Jun 29,2009


When the officers are called out to a dispute between a husband and wife they are amazed at what the fight is all about.  It seems this gorgeous hot wife won’t let her husband fuck her tight little bung hole.  Well the police officers work on a solution that clears the air and her asshole as they demand she open up that booty love hole and let her husband gap it wide with his big dick.

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  • Pimp Parade: Hoodrat Sluts

    Jun 26,2009


    Three nasty hoes from the streets show exactly why they can make those top dollars as they show off those phat asses an suck those meaty cocks.  These bitches are hot and ready to earn top dollar and these horny pimps pay them some green so that they can get those cocks cleaned by professional street rats.

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  • Jurassic Cock: Ally Ann

    Jun 23,2009


    Ally Ann is a nasty blonde teen slut that helps herself out at the old folks home.  When she sees those old men depressed and laying around she feels badly for them. When her last visit includes a father and son that look to be bored, she takes the time to give them a great blow-job and slides her pink pussy onto that old cock and rides that grandpa until he wants to explode.

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  • Saturday
    Jun 20,2009


    Beautiful Ryder Skye loves keeping her body in shape.  She can’t stand to have one ounce of fat on that teen body and she works hard at keeping it perfect.  Today though her trainer thought she needed a bit of protein and gave her his cock to suck and a thick creamy protein shake for a dessert.

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  • Cumshot Suprise: Lexi

    Jun 17,2009


    Lexi was taken by suprise when her fuck fest turned into a cumfest.  She hates facials, and that is all this pretty little brunette teen got all day long.  She was crying and whining by the time she went home.  It didn’t help that her girlfriend made fun of her while she was taking a load of white cream.

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  • 18 Years Old: Rebecca

    Jun 14,2009


    When Rebecca lost her puppy she was devastated.  She looked everywhere for her wayward puppy, but couldn’t find him.  She posted flyers, but the only guys calling her were for booty calls and not lost doggie calls.  She takes them up on those sexy calls to keep her mind off of losing her cute pup.

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  • Working Latinas: Lana

    Jun 11,2009


    This hottie was dishing up burgers at the local burger joint.  It wasn’t even the best place in the world, but she was there slinging grease and flirting with the guys.  She didn’t mind a bit of flirting esp when they left her a bit of a tip.  What she really was looking for was a tip of cock, and she was lucky enough to get a hard cock just like she wanted, deep in her pink wet pussy.

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  • Facial Fest: Marissa Dee

    Jun 8,2009


    When Marissa Dee put on her mascara this morning, I bet she didn’t think it would get so wet that it would run during this facial fuck fest.  This nasty brunette had all her holes abused, but it was her face that took the brunt of the super splooge explosion.

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  • Blowjob Ninjas: Carly

    Jun 6,2009


    Beautiful Carly looks great as she crawls across that blue carpet. Those big eyes are sweet and naughty. You can see that she has a naughty side just hiding beneath the surface and today she shows what a nasty little slut she is as she grabs that hard dick and sucks that monster until she has it exploding its rich creamy load deep into her slutty little face.

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  • Milf Soup: Roxxanne

    Jun 3,2009


    Roxxanne is a nasty mature slut. She loves young guys and when the summer comes she has a nice selection of young cocks to suck and fuck. Today’s flavor includes a dark haired horny guy from down the street. He wants to do more than mow her lawn, and she wants to pay him with more then greenbacks. They both get what they want as he mows her pussy down with his hard scythe.

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