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Dec 27,2008

Horny Spanish Flies: Elena and CassandraBeautiful Latina Babes

This is Cassandra and her friend Elena. These horny cats were hanging out getting ready to hit the streets and do something fun. They were thinking maybe some shopping and lunch before heading out to watch a flick. When the guys at Horny Spanish Flies caught sight of them, they jumped on those beauties. They changed their minds, got them to head back to the house and then it was a big ole Latina sammwich for Johnny.

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  • So Cal Coeds: Julissa

    Dec 21,2008

    So Cal Coeds: JulissaSmokin The Hawg

    This horny southern California co-ed loves to smoke that hog. She loves those dicks and she will do anytihng to get into those boys pants. She has slept with half the football team, the soccer team and is working her way through the basketball team as well. I guess that leaves the baseball and golf team next. If your lucky you can sign up for classes before next semester and get your hawg sucked as well.

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  • Saturday
    Dec 20,2008

    My First Sex Teacher: CameronCameron Teaches Her Lessons

    Cameron thought her blonde stud of a student needed some extra tutoring in his language lessons. She knew he could speak better than he had been in class, but she didn’t know it would be with his big ole cock. He could speak volumes with that meaty monster. Her wet pussy spoke back in the language of desire and they both had a great time learning new lessons in fucking together.

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  • Sunday
    Dec 14,2008

    Mr. Chews Asian Beaver: LondonCock Fortune

    This tall and sexy Asian sweetie made Mr. Chew’s heart race. He couldn’t wait to get his hands and his camera on this sweetheart from the orient. When she
    got into the studio, she could not wait to show off her pretty tits with the pierced nipples. If that wasn’t enough this heavenly little slut could suck
    cock like a pro and showed everyone her fantastic sucking skills.

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  • Round Mound of Ass: Kristina

    Dec 13,2008

    Round Mound of Ass: KristinaPhat Ass Baby

    When apple bottom babe like Kristina crosses your path you have to take a moment to draw a breath and thank god for the tasty morsels that he sets upon the earth. She didn’t have any problems getting friendly with these guys. She loved having her ass smacked and riding those faces with her pretty pussy and phat ass. This was a hellava day for everyone involved.

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  • Mike’s Apartment: Zina

    Dec 7,2008

    Mikes Apartment: ZinaPenis Freak

    When Zina needed a place to hang out and stay for a few days to get her head straight, she headed to Mike’s. She had heard from a few people that it was a great place to stay. Clean and neat, and the nightly rent was pretty cheap if you didn’t mind sucking and riding a bit of cock, but when she saw the size of this cock she about flipped out.

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  • MiLF Lessons: Ray Veness

    Dec 6,2008

    MiLF Lessons: Ray VenessThe Beautiful Ray Veness

    What a beautiful bitch this is. She is dark haired, and has a sinful side that just begs for you to come and grab her, rip her shirt off and attack those
    big beautiful tits of hers. She was showing off her big tits, phat ass and her sexy car. She loves her muscle car, and she loves a thick muscle boning
    her pretty pussy as well.

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