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Sep 30,2007

Horny Spanish Flies: CassandraRock hard Hotrods
Cassandra works at the shop, the hotrod shop. There are days when this hot Latina should be a blonde. She forgets to order parts, or orders the wrong parts. It drives the guys NUTS, but she is so damn hot and bangable that they just can’t fire her. Today, however, the part she ordered is wrong again, and he lets the customers deal with this hot little slut in whatever manner they feel fit. She tells them she will do anything to make them happy and keep their biz. They decide pounding her hot pussy is the best way to keep them happy.

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  • Saturday
    Sep 29,2007

    My Sisters Hot Friend: Roxy JaclynTwo for One on Hot
    Noone likes a hangover! Roxy and Jaclyn both woke up with horrible hangovers from the party they went to last nite. They asked for some burrittos and soda. This guy is in luck and since his sister isn’t home, he gets the chance to take them some tasty treats. Cum to find out they give him a tasty duo of treats between those beautiful teen tits and pink lips. He can’t get enough of those tender loving hangover babes. Don’t worry he has a cum cocktail to take those headeaches right away.

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  • Ass Parade: Olivia

    Sep 23,2007

    Ass Parade: OliviaPhat Ass Love
    Oliva is the bomb diddy bomb when it comes to phat asses and plump pussy lips. She knows how to work that ass too and when Jmac so that ass he got excited. She shook that ass in his face and worked it as she crawled across the floor to him. She didn’t waste time getting down and starting a big wet sloppy blow job..She worked that mough all over that major cock. She was soon riding that cock and bouncing that phat ass every which way.

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  • Housewife Bangers: Mrs. Sin

    Sep 22,2007

    Housewife Banbers: Mrs SinPriscilla
    is Mrs. Sin

    If Eve was anything like Mrs Sin, its not wonder that Adam took a huge bite
    out of that apple. She is so sinfully sexy and she knows how to work her eyes,
    and those bouncy boobies of hers. She will definately get your attention. She
    couldn’t wait to get home and show her husband exactly how much she loves him
    with those big fat titties and that wonderfully talented mouth of hers. She
    loves her mans cock and the fact he fucks her four times a day.

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  • Big Naturals: Brandi

    Sep 16,2007

    Big Naturals: BrandiYummy Yum Yum Chocolate Covered Tits
    Brandi offers up some tasty tits today. She enjoyed having those thick chocolate drizzled all over with chocolate and it covered them and the dark sweet liquid dripped and drizzled all over those big tits. This hottie is easy to get along with and she doesn’t mind pretty much what you do with her as long as its sexually charged and related to her big huge monster tits. She also loves to her fine ass touched and checked out. She is one horny babe! Check her out.

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  • Saturday
    Sep 15,2007

    Eurosex Parties: Donabell and ReginaTwo on Two Party Head
    The guys had their party this week with two guys and two sluts. These two horny bitches had some huge ass titties that wanted and needed to be nibbled and sucked on. They couldn’t even wait for everyone to have had a shower and get clean before grabbing some thick meat and starting to gobble. Donabell and Regina were hot and sweaty and ready for some bed work. They were giving up as much as they got with some smack talk. Those asses were mighty fine too esp when they were getting banged from the reardoor.

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  • Big Cock Addiction: Gwen

    Sep 9,2007

    Big Cock Addiction: GwenNineteen and Stuffed with Cock
    Gwen is a horny nineteen year old blonde chick that is cock crazy. She didn’t do a lot of fucking in school, and now she is craving thick beefy cocks to make up for lost time. She had a treat today when this monster dick made its way into her life, shoving itself down her tight virginal throat and making her gag. She is a natural as she jams and sucks that log, then she cringes, but takes every inch of that meaty beefstick.

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  • Carlosinki

    Sep 8,2007 CarolinskiCaged 34DD Tits
    This is Carla, also known as Carlosinka. She is from the Czech Republic. She is tall, has a superb figure and loves to be caged and spanked. Check out all her pictures, those naughty full 34DD tits are always willing and able to be seen, fondled, licked, nibbled and played with. I loved seeing her in this cage, with her tits dangling down and just begging to be squeezed. Check out all her pictures and samples before you see 40,000 pictures in the members area.

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  • MiLF Next Door: Jewel

    Sep 2,2007

    MiLF Next  Door: JewelLicking the Jewels
    It was sangria Friday at the girls house. Once again hubby was away on business, so the girls made their own business agenda. They headed out to the store to get some shit fo the Sangria and ran into a sexy lady with nice melons of her own. The girls found out she was new in town and asked if she wantend to come over and get aquainted. She popped on over, and they popped her top and licked her jewels.

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  • 8th Street Latinas

    Sep 1,2007

    Monsters of Cock: Size GuessingHuge Latina Tetas
    The guys needed some sunglasses because the sun was so damn hot and headed into this hole in the wall to check out what they had to offer. They had more then sunglasses, they had a Latina slut with huge knockers and she knew how to use them, the guys bought like 7 pairs of shades, and got her name, and talked her up and down until she went back to the pad with them. Then they sold her on their big cocks.

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