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We Live Together: Sammie

Aug 26,2007

Monsters of Cock: Size GuessingSlumber Party Sweeties
The girls really love having slumber parties esp when they are XXX Style. They love to hang out, throw some pillows, shave some pussies and talk about guys. This time they invited Samme and Jessica. They played a game called Operation. They made the rules up as they went along. There was a ton of wet pussy kissing and tit nibbling as the night went from flirty fun to nasty whore sex. Cum and play with the girls.

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  • Tugjobs:Angelina

    • Filed under: Tugjobs
    Aug 25,2007

    tugjobs: AngelinaPenthouse Tug and Suck Job
    This horny brunette was hanging out and chillin outside this guys penthouse. She knew what she wanted, but had to wait for him to approach her, she was more then willing to come home and flash that phat ass of hers. She had big brown eyes, nice tits and a shaved pussy. She loved giving this guys thick meat a tugjob as she held a mouthful of thick white cream between her tanned Venezuelana cheeks.

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  • Big Cock Addiction: Summer

    Aug 19,2007

    Monsters of Cock: Size GuessingTaste of Summer
    This horny nineteen year old slutty brunette loves her meat, cock meat that is. She just can’t seem to get enough of that thick hard sausage, and she nibbls, flips, licks and gags on every inch that she is fed. It’s amazing how talented this nineteen year old is, but once you see her, you’ll realize she is a pro at cock sucking. She also can’t wait to have her pretty pink pussy pounded by that meat before she grabs that muscle and gets a cumtastic feast of cum juice.

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  • Back Street Bangers: Lana

    Aug 18,2007

    Monsters of Cock: Size GuessingRte 66 FuckShow
    The guys found Lana shopping for a hot fuck me outfit at the mall. She was going out clubbing and wanted to look hot and prick tease all the guys at the club. She was getting married and wanted that last wilid fling before becoming an ole married lady. The guys were happy to comply and taught her some new grooves to show her hubby on the wedding night.

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  • We Live Together: Sandy

    Aug 12,2007

    We Live Together:SandyWorking Out The Pussy
    The girls needed new tights for their new workout class, and wanted something that wasn’t so damn worn out looking to show off those tight asses. They headed out to the mall and stopped at a Brazilian fashion store. They loved the look of Sandy so much they talked her into taking the rest of the day off and hang out with them at the pad. She was a hot slut and loved all the attention her pretty pink pussy got. She gave as good as she got and her tongue did some marching up and down pink street as well.

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  • Monsters of Cock: Brittany

    Aug 11,2007

    Monsters of Cock: BrittanyBlonde Cock Ambition
    Brittany is a pretty platinum blonde that has one ambition on her tiny brain. That is to have her pussy pounded with a thick monster cock and stretched beyond belief. She has what it takes to get that thick meat rod, a nice ass, thin waist and big ole titties.That is what she used to think till she got that slab of beef shoved in her face and she was shocked that cocks came in that size. I loved watching this pretty blonde babe getting face fucked and her pussy stretching out to take in all that thick meat.

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  • XXX Proposal: Rebecca

    Aug 5,2007

    XXX Proposal: RebeccaScoring for Pain
    As you see this guy is in some major pain, he has a broken arm, and a messed up leg. He had an accident that totally fucked him up but good! His cock still works though and he hasn’t been laid because chicks are afraid they might hurt his mangled body even more, they keep telling him come back when you feel better! Dudes got needs so he offers his bud some cash to pump his wife hard and fast for a few hours! They do some talking and explaining and soon he has a pretty pink pussy bouncing on this cock and sucking his cock deep down her throat. Lucky Guy!

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  • Big Tit Patrol: Tyla

    Aug 4,2007

    Big Tit Patrol TylaBigger In Texas
    Everyone knows that everything is bigger then Texas, well the guys went out to prove to themselves that this is true. They found Tyla in Houston with those big knockers of hers. When she pulled them out they knew then and there that tits in Texas were mighty fine and these were huge. Tyla’s sex drive was as big as Texas along with her love for thick and hard meat sticks. She takes the boys out western style and teaches them some new moves and how to ride that cock reverse cowgirl style.

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