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Squirt Hunter: Jamie

Jul 28,2007

Squirt Hunter: JamieSquirting Sports
This hottie loves to squirt and nothing gets her turned on more then a few favorite toys of hers and a thick meaty cock. Its a good thing that she had both ready, willing, and able to punish her pretty pink pussy. She rides that thick cock reverse cowboy style, and then plays with her favorite toy till she squirts all over the place, then she turns around sucks that meat until she gets a full load in the face. What a great slut !

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  • Monsters of Cock: Snakebit

    Jul 27,2007

    Monsters of Cock: BlackMeatPictures Say a Thousand Words
    but, having a monster thick black cock shoved up your tiny pussy, says a whole hellava lot more. This cutie was the photographer for a shoot, that Castro went to view. He wanted to get some ideas on how and what to do for a new series he had in mind. When he saw that cutie though his snake got the best of him and he took a big chunk out of her pussy with his mamba snake and she loved that posion.

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  • Thursday
    Jul 26,2007

    House Wife One on One: Mrs BannerHousewife Harlot
    Wow! Mom’s when I grew up were never this fucking hot! Holy Smokes! This pretty sundrenched housewife is a real slut and it doesn’t even show. She wears sweet housewife type clothes and you would think she is innocent as the driven snow, but thats not the truth. She loves to fuck, an to fuck hard! She loves to have that pretty pink pussy split wide open with a thick old meatstick before, and after making her hubby some dinner.

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  • Wednesday
    Jul 25,2007

    My Naughty Latin Maid: Thea MarieCleaning Up The Kitchen
    This horny Latina slut, loves to clean anything and everything. Today she was a whirlwind in the kitchen. She not only made the guys lunch, but had that kitchen sparkling aftwards. They were so impressed with her cleaning skills they had to have her suck some cock and see how well she could clean a thick sausage! She didn’t need any other cleaning materials except her pretty mouth and wet pussy! Watch her suck and fuck those cocks clean as a whistle.

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  • Big Mouthfuls: Allison

    Jul 24,2007

    Big Mouthfuls: AshlynDon’t Talk with Your MouthFul!
    Why do women like to talk so much? It doesn’t matter, the best way to shut them up is to shove a thick meat stick deep inside and deep throat them. They can’t talk around a beefy cock now can they? This pretty blonde that got her mouth shut for her, came from Oklahoma, and it seems she is used to be cocks shoved down her throat, because she didn’t whine or bitch once! Watch her swallow all that load!

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  • We Live Together: Nicole

    Jul 23,2007

    We Live Together: NicoleWatersports
    These girls have a motto! It is “Anything in the water is way better already” I like that idea, I like the idea of wetness, well esp if it is pink and perfect like these honies. These 3 girls showed Nicole how to have a really sweet and naughty time at the pool. They splashed each other, paddled, swam around and then went back to the living room and dried each other off. Then they made each other cum with dildos, tongues and no matter how wet they got it was steamy and red hot action.

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  • Bangboat: Allison

    Jul 22,2007

    Bangboat: AllisonBait The Hook
    Catch the slut! That is a great motto to live by! That helps when you find a beautiful land locked fish like blonde Allison here. She loved being invited out on the water to have a little more one on one time with that big ole fishing pole the guys are packing. She didn’t mind being baited, and caught, licked, pounded creamed on and then released back into the babe school. This honey loved every inch of those fishing poles and sucked and fucked them until she had a sunburn in places she didnt want one! It was time to be released then and she swam back up stream a happier little fish.

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  • Round and Brown: Amile

    Jul 21,2007

    Round and Brown: AmileDouble Vision
    This update shows off a couple of really hot asses. These phattys are round and brown and ready to go down! It was so hot on the day of the shoot that they had to head to the pool to cool off and play. If you hang by the pool very much you know that there is a ton of baby oil that gets put on! Today that oil went right to the asses and it made them shine and everyone at the pool was drooling and wishing they could pound these pretty pussies hard.

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  • Thursday
    Jul 19,2007

    Boys First Time: Willie WankerWankin to the Bugles
    The guys at Boys First Time were in luck this week when Willie dropped by to fuck his first piece of ass. He met up with his new boy toy James, and together they had a total blast on the set. They did some jerking, and then James sucked, licked and gobbled down Willies cock. James got his thick meat stick gobbled down by Willie and his ass licked and fondled. These guys went nuts and started stroking and licking and sucking like there wasn’t another cock around. You will want to check out these to crazed guys.

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  • Wednesday
    Jul 18,2007

    Big Tits Round Asses: SunshineSanchez is at it again
    This week at Big Tits Round Asses they brought Sunshine back again! She loves having a thick cock buried in between those huge double GG’s! Fuck man we all would love to buy some meat in there! She also has a super mouth that just won’t stop working when she gets a cock shoved inside, and as I mentioned those huge 38 double GG’s dont’ stop moving when you fuck that mouth or that pussy! If you haven’t seen Sunshine yet, then you need to check this racked up honey!

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