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Mikes Apartment: Johanna

May 31,2007

Mikes Apartment: JohannaCrazy Bitch
I was shocked at Leon’s choice for a girlfriend. She was very sweet and bent over backwards to help us, but she wasn’t quite with it. I think she was a few breaths short of full balloon. The good part is that she didn’t mind that she had to show and give us some ass so that she and her boyfriend could stay for a few days while their new apartment got painted. She had a nice ass, perky tits, and a very wet pink pussy that wrapped itself around that thick meatstick.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Carmen

    May 30,2007

    Captain Stabbin: CarmenHigh Sea Adventures with Two BootyBabes
    Gossip does so much for your rep! Josh first told one friend he was heading out to sea for some fun in the sun, and it wasn’t 2 hours later that some hotties came to find him dressed in some drop dead bikini’s and wanted to know if they could hop on board and go to sea with him. He pretended to think about it abit before saying yes. Once on board the guys got those babes out of the bikini bottoms and those phat asses were shining in the sun. It didnt’ take long before they got those asses bent and stuffed. It’s always a good day at sea.

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  • Boys First Time: Damien

    May 29,2007

    Boys First TimeCute & Innocent 18yr Old
    What better way to spend your birthday then to have your cherry popped on your eighteenth? This is one of those episodes where the boy gets his cake and can eat it too! He was a timid little man in the beginning, but once Kaiden started giving him a blow-job all that stopped and he became a horny little twink. He couldn’t wait to suck Kaiden’s cock and to let him bury his meat in his ass bareback style. Ride’m Cowboy! This birthday boy was so wild! What a wonderful pliable model he really was.

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  • Saturday
    May 26,2007

    Mr Chews Asian Beaver: MayaKorea’s Beauty
    Mr. Chew has gone back to Asia to find more lovely beauties. He discovered this hottie in Korea. Her name is Maya Mynx. She was tempted to come and shoot with a ticket to America and a modeling gig. What horny Asian slut could turn that down? When she got to the studio she did some test shots, then the stud came in and she was all over that American Cock. Maya sucky long time and she does it well.

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  • Big Naturals: Jinny

    May 25,2007

    Big Naturals: JinnySunluvin Jinny
    This smokin hot beautiful blonde is a all natural 32DD-24-33. You can’t miss that. She was walking down the street with a killer smile on her face, making everyone around her wonder what or why this honey is so damn happy. Shes a born lover and the guys couldnt’ wait to get next to her and find out why she was smiling so much. Cum to find out shes just a natural bubbly girl. She was so sweet that it was hard for them to get her to come back to the crib, but once there she opened up and showed those gorgeous tits and pretty pussy. What a hot babe.

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  • 40 Inch Plus: Brianna

    May 24,2007

    40 inch Plus: BriannaThree Phat Asses
    Not one, not two, but three phat asses hanging out together. What a ass man’s dream come true. They couldn’t have been more sexy and more compliant. They loved sharing each other and doing some cheerleading pyramids dripping with oil and water. God was that something to see. These asses take up the whole screen, so if you have a moniter thats large you’ll be seeing some filled up space. This was one hot summer day that included some seared cooter and salad tossing bitches. You have to see this shit to believe it.

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  • Coeds Need Cash: Mindy

    May 23,2007

    Coeds Need Cash: MindyMindy’s Favorite Class
    College women are greedy. That is esp true when we are talking about college chicks. They think they have to have it all and look hot in all those classes that they take. They spotted Mindy as she was walking out of classes and caught up with her. She was even more needy then most. She wasthere on a scholorship and her parents don’t have the extra money to send her for college, no worries the guys are there with cash and cock.

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  • Teeny Bopper Club: Lela

    May 22,2007

    Teeny Bopper Club: LelaSweet Eighteen
    This brunette cutie was hanging out in the park under a tree. Can you believe she even had a damn hoola hoop? My god the cocks got hard just seeing this brunette. The guys quickly made their way over and she was having a good time and when they told her about this new club all her freinds were in she was excited. She didn’t look like a slut, but she sure knew her way around a thick cock. She loved sucking those thick meat bones and then couldn’t wait to have her pussy pounded hard and fast.

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  • Boobspl: Kaika

    May 21,2007

    Boobspl: KaikaLesbian Encounters
    Whats better then a massive rack on a hot slut? Two hot babes that have massive racks and love to take the time to explore each others nipples and squeeze, touch, and lick each other until they need something to fill those hot wet pussies. I loved watching this hot blonde take her time and lick her friends humoungous boobs and her pussy was so wet, it was dripping. What a great lesbian action show this was!

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  • Big Tit Patrol: Kaylyn

    May 20,2007

    Big Tit Patrol: KaylynLate Bloomer
    This pretty blonde bombshell named Kaylyn was a late bloomer in school. Her massive tits didnt’ start showing up till she was in her last year of highschool. That made it hard for her in school. She got made fun of alot, but noone is making fun of her now. She is quite a hot little slut and she will show those big and beautiful tits to anyone that asks to show off her massive rack. She loves to fuck to and man was she down for some stiff cock the day she visited the guys and she gave them quite a hummer and her pussy was wet and ready.

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