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Special Tutoring From The Sub

Feb 27,2007

MiLF Hunter: TrinaGetting The “A”
Leigh is a sexy student. She lives and breaths for her degree. However she is having some difficulties at school. There are classes that just aren’t soaking into her pretty head. The substitute teacher thinks if she gives him good head just maybe that would help her brain problems. She thinks it over a bit and then decides that giving this guy head just might help her grand point average esp if he does more subbing through the year…If nothing else she will get an “a” for effort.

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  • VIP Crew: Lee

    Feb 25,2007

    VIP Crew: LeeVIP Treatment
    It is another hot party that gets going full force fast and loud. It always gets those skirts up and shirts off before it even hits the midnight hour. The panties were poppin and the asses were shaking all over the dance floor and in the VIP box. There were big tits, little tits and all were getting licked and sucked by someone. Josh and Jay picked out Lee to be the VIP slut for the night. She got her great ass and pussy licked and sucked with the VIP treatment by the girls and the guys. Then someone brought in the strap-ons, vibes and other toys and it was a wild and crazy time for all.

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  • MiLF Hunter: Double Trouble

    Feb 23,2007

    MiLF Hunter: TrinaDouble Trouble MiLFs
    The hunter gets called today from two sexy MiLFs to come over and hang out at the pool. He is happy as shit. This means he doesn’t have to go hunting them they have hunted him down! These babes are banging too. There is a smokin blonde and a sultry brunette just waiting on his thick and hard cock. They got some nice and heavy tits that need to be stroked and licked. Those puusies are wet and ready for the hunter when he comes by and not to worry he makes sure they get a good work out.

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  • Busty Adventures: DaDa

    Feb 22,2007

    Busty Adventures: DadaYada Yada DaDa
    Wowsers! Yet another hot bitch with some slammin titties. This is one hot brunette we have today. Her name is DaDa and she is stacked and ready to fuck. She isn’t a prick teaser either. She loves to please her man or men and she just loves to fuck. She was such a total sex freak. She couldn’t wait to show off her outstanding titties and suck some thick meat. Then she bent over and spread her ass checks so she could get a massive cock buried deep into that sexy phat ass.

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  • Boobspl: Zuzana

    Feb 19,2007 Zuzana32: EEE Baby!
    Yeah, I am not yankin your chain. This little hottie of a blonde tramp has some huge ass titties. Can you believe it? She is only twenty-three years old and has a rack like that! This chick is all natural and ready to show off those huge banging tits to anyone that comes by to have a peek. Thats a set that just rocks to put a thick cock inside and fuckem good and hard. She loves to suck a mean cock and have her pussy banged too. There isn’t anything about this hot blonde you won’t like. Check Her Out.

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  • Wild Fuck Toys: Diana

    Feb 17,2007

    Wild Fuck Toys: DianaFavorite Toy: Sybian
    I think that Diana is sorta boring. I don’t know any woman that does not love the Sybian. Its the ultimate fuck and cum toy for a woman alone. It hits all those delightful spots that make her scream an moan as she gets her pussy fucked. She did try out a few other wild toys that she seemed to like. She had her clip pierced, but these wild and crazy sex toys helped revive that poor numb pussy into a screaming fuck toy. Will she squirt? or just scream while she cums hard?

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  • The Big Swallow: Sindee

    Feb 16,2007

    The Big Swallow: SindeeBig Mouth White Bitch
    This hardcore blonde honey loves to suck cocks and she craves thick loads of man goo. She loves them big, fat and meaty. Well she is in for a treat today as this cock is gonna pound her face for her good and hard. She is wanting a huge blast of hot thick cum today and she is gonna get more then she bargained for from this massively thick cock. Watch this cock hungry slut lap up a huge stream of cum as it gushes all over her hot and hungry tongue drowning her ass in man juice.

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  • Teens For Cash: Riley

    Feb 15,2007

    Teens for Cash: RileyModeling for Cash or Not
    This little teen slut thinks she has what it takes to be a hot model. She isn’t exactly what the top modeling agencies are looking for. What she is though, is perfect material for the guys to fuck and pop those cocks in and out of. At first she isn’t down with the lingo, but once the G’s came out she changed her tune to one of a cock sucker and got her ass boned good and hard. I think she has a chance at being a top porn model.

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  • Big Cock Addiction: Kinzie

    Feb 13,2007

    Big Cock Addication: KinzieKinzie’s FootLong Weiner
    This babes eyes popped out of her face and her jaw dropped when she saw the size of this guys monster cock. She just couldn’t believe how huge his dick was! We really wouldn’t either if we hadn’t seen it before! It is such a pleausre though watching these skinny chicks with small mouths trying to deep throat something this massive. This little white whore stuffs, chokes and continues to shove this monster cock down. You have to check this white bitch out.

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  • See Her Squirt: Be Be Minx

    Feb 11,2007

    See Her Squirt: Be Be MinxTrue Dirty White Squirting Whore
    This whore is a true sex freak and well nympho. She can’t get enough fucking cock to last her an hour. She is a huge squirter too so be prepared to get wet if you fuck this hot pussy. She just can’t help it bam she soaks the bed, the floor and of course your cock in wet pussy juice. Put on your waders and get you some wet pussy with this bitch. Check out this squirting pussy at See Her Squirt, where all the bitches and whores squirt like mad.

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