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Shoppin with Euro

Jan 31,2007

Euro Sex Parties: ChristineShopping for Pussy
This episode features Tony and Renato as well as our Euro friend. They decided to try and find women that were out shopping and walking around town. They caught these two sexy babes shopping down the main road. The guys promised them tons of shopping later if they promised to come home with them. Of course they did and they had some nice natural titties and phat asses to go along with those pink pussies. They gave some awesome blowjobs and made them almost finish before tapping that pussy. Its a good thing these guys have some staying power!

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  • Big Naturals: Ewa

    Jan 29,2007

    Big Naturals: EwaHooter Party Galore
    Every party is a fun party, but when you add in some bitches that have mountains for tits; well then your really cooking. This was one hellava pool party with sexy sluts that didn’t mind taking off those skimpy tops and shaking those heavenly tits at the guys. They got some of them to oil them up and it was a fun time for all. You have to check out all the pictures of this party and the free video clip. I guarantee you’ll be shaking your cock as they shake thsoe big fat titties.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Cassandra

    Jan 28,2007

    Captain Stabbin: CassandraOil Me Up Captain
    This smoking hot blonde didn’t awnt to be a stranger to anyone. She met one of the guys off shore an they became instant buds, of course he took her back to the boat, and she was off and running. She went around meeting everyone. Then she got comfortable and really freindy with the guys. She loved having her tits looked at, touched and of course the Captain oiled them all up for her, before he got his thick cock sucked. She couldn’t wait to feel his stiff cock filling up her pretty pink pussy.

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  • 8th Street Latinas: Mona

    Jan 27,2007

    8th Street Latinas: MonaMoan Mona Moan
    Took the guys breath away. Originally Jay wanted to get a new bitch to fuck. He had his eye on a stunning blonde Latina slut that worked at the skate shop. The guys headed down there, but instead of this smokin blonde they found Mona. Mona is a real sex slut. She has lips that could suck your cock to heaven and a booty that just won’t quit. They took this sexy skater chick home and let her wrap her pussy around Jay’s massive cock. She had Jay’s cock working overtime in that tight pussy of hers, and she loved getting some man goo all over her pretty face.

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  • Casting Couch Teens: Renea

    Jan 22,2007

    Casting Couch Teens: ReneaMovie Audition Redhead
    This hot teen showed up for the casting couch teen movie auditions. The guys posted a notice that they were shooting for a movie. They didn’t say what kind of movie. This fiery redhead shows up with her smoking hot body, large titties and banging ass. She is perfect for what the guys are wanting. A nice hardcore pounding on that pink teen pussy. She didn’t want any part of having her pussy banged until the guys flashed some green for the shoot. Then she was down on her knees in no time.

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  • Pump That Ass: Faith

    Jan 20,2007

    Pump that Ass: FaithBubble Butt Ass Worship
    Faith loves to have her round mound of ass worshiped. She loves to life up her skirt and show off that great ass in her sexy thong for the guys hanging out. She spanked that phat ass and slid her panties down showing an equally impresive pink wet pussy. One guy couldn’t handle it no more and just leaped down and started licking and sucking that fine young pussy. She couldn’t wait and begged him to get that cock of his inside her and pump that mound.

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  • Friday
    Jan 19,2007

    My Sisters Hot Friend: JaylynnDate Swapping with her friends Brother
    Sometimes you just know your gonna have a bad date. It is obvious before you even walk out the door to go. This is one of those times for Jaylynn. When she sees Sascha come in she has a plan. Screw the date, just get laid. She begs Sascha to fuck her like a slut and reminds him he doesn’t even have to buy her dinner first. What guy wouldn’t wanna pound this cute teen angel? Sascha jumps right on that pink teen pussy. This is one lucky son of a bitch don’t you thnk?

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  • Housewife 1 on 1: Mrs. Page

    Jan 18,2007

    Housewife One on One: Mrs. PagePorn on Hubbys Computer
    It is amazing what women find when they really go looking. Mrs. Page finds a ton of hardcore porn pictures on her hubbys computer, but instead of being angry she gets wet an excited and wants to try out those new positions. She was very intrigued with the woman that liked to lick and play with her own pussy. She decides that she wants to taste her own pussy and the fun starts there. Won’t hubby be suprised?!!> Check out this dirty houewife.

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  • Big League Facials: Gabby

    Jan 18,2007

    Big League Facials: GabriellaNot Your Average Valley Girl
    This California valley girl was a real cutie, hot spanish and man oh man was she hot. She definately was not a stranger to a man’s thick hard cock, She loves to suck and nibble on a major long dong and then gobble down all that white cum. This wasn’t an unusual experience for her then. Once she saw those thick cocks she just went on auto and started sucking and gobbling like she loves to do! You’ll love the thick facial Ramon lays on this cute spicy slut.

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  • We Live Together: Abbey

    Jan 16,2007

    We Live Together: AbbeyHot Air Balloon Adventures
    The girls were looking for a new adventure and someone brought up the idea of a hot air balloon ride. They called up their friend Abbey and headed out to try it out. The girls were soaking wet from excitement and they decided to all get naked when they got up high and feel the wind and sun all over those bodies. It wasn’t long until they were fingering each other and eating pussy sky high over the city. They definately belong to the sky high lesbian club now!

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