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Housewife Bangers: Sadie

Nov 29,2006

Housewife Bangers: SadieWisdom To Live By
Never borrow money from your friends unless you know you can repay it fast!!! Ed ended up owing Frank a huge chunk of change and Frank got tired of waiting on it! He liked the way Ed’s wife looked and decided he’d take that loan money back in cock sucking and pussy riding his friends wife! She didn’t seem to mind as he gave that pussy a work out and shoved his cock deep into her mouth, although I think that Ed wasn’t to keene on it all! I don’t think Ed will be asking for any more loans soon!

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  • I Spy Cameltoe: Kira

    Nov 28,2006

    I Spy Cameltoe: KiraPuffy Toe From A Friend
    It never hurts to ask. Thats why the guys thought what the hell. This chick just got in town and is an old friend of the guys, so they asked her if they could check out her pussy and see if she had what it took to be an Camel Toe Diva. I’m think she had the right stuff. They definately stuffed that camel toe with some thick hot cock and she loved it. She also really liked having that thick cock shoved deep inside her hungry mouth. That’s what friends are for right?

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  • Monday
    Nov 27,2006

    EuroSexParties: TarraTesting out the Bed That Broke
    You know your busting some pussy when you break the fucking bed down! Thats what the guys did a few weeks back, so before they get that freak on they have to test out the bed before hand. They found these two hot sluts and before they laid some pipe they had them bouncing on the bed to test it for strength, little did these bitches realize it was because they planned on fucking those wet holes hard and fast. Don’t worry these two tarts loved every thick inch they got crammed inside.

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  • Sunday
    Nov 26,2006

    Couples Seduce Teens: Naive Alexis is Seduced Easily
    This cute teen was approached by this horny couple and started up a conversation easily. She is such a naive bitch. They were discussing hair color when Devon made her moves on this hot little slut. She invited cute Alexis home to help her put on her hair color and she agreed. When they got home she showed her how to apply her lips to her husbands thick cock and spread her legs to get pounded by a nice woody.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Alisha

    Nov 24,2006

    Captain Stabbin: AlishaOpen Water Means Open Legs
    This is the story of a boat ride with Alisha! This is a hot blonde that the Captain found at the store and got to check out his boat. It didnt’ take but a few drinks before she was opening her pretty thighs and inviting the Captain to have a ride in her own pink sea. She is a total sex freak and she is just twenty-five. You will love watching this little slut in action sucking cock and getting her ass pounded. Check out her free video clip to see exactly what I mean!

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  • Big Mouthfuls: Veronica

    Nov 23,2006

    Big Mouthfuls: VeronicaWhite Slut wanted a Meat Log and Got It
    This slutty white bitch wanted a thick chunk of meat log and she got exactly what she wanted. I ‘m not sure she was expecting a thick cock this big, but she should be careful what she asks for! She crawled right on up to this meat stick pulled it out and started doing a up and down bob before he was even ready to feel those lips and throat on this schlong. This is one cock sucking dick loving slut you won’t wanna miss!

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  • Big League Facials: Satine

    Nov 22,2006

    Big League FacialExotic Brunette Slut Loves Cumjobs
    This spicy brunette is exotic and horny as hell. She knows exactly what she wants in the cock department and goes and gets it. She craves thick cock and getting that sexy face covered in man slime. She loves nothing more then to wrap her lips around a thick schlong and suck it down until it pops a nut in her pretty face. This is one of the horniest nastiest bitches you’ll ever met. She is one freak in the sack and you are gonna watch her suck this thick cock till it cums.

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  • Bare Foot Maniacs: Katalina

    Nov 21,2006

    Barefoot Maniacs: KatalinaPretty Painted Piggies and Sexy Feet
    This is one hell of a sexy brunette and she has the prettiest toes and feet I have seen in a very long time. She has very long drop dead gorgeous legs that just keep going till they reach these beautiful feet are attached!! What is not to get hard for there huh? Not only that, but she has a foot fetish and just can’t help but to suck on your toes and your thick cock until she is soaking wet. Don’t forget to give her feet a nice thick cum load!

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  • Ball Honeys: Daisy

    Nov 20,2006

    Ball Honeys: DaisyReturn of TugJob Daisy
    This is one sexy little bitch. She has smokin eyes, and pert tits and an ass that just won’t quit. She was one of the models at Ball Honey’s quite awhile back and the response was so overwhelming that they had her freak ass back. She was shy last time and only gave the guys a tug job, but this time she was fucked hard and that pussy pounded while she was on her back and doggie style. She got turned inside out and you will love this fucking slut!!!

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  • Bang Boat: Erica

    Nov 18,2006

    BangBoat: EricaCruisin the Ocean of Lust
    This is yet another high seas adventure on the high seas of lust and sex. This little ocean skank was a new port of call when the guys found her blonde bimbo ass on the beach and just waiting to be suckered into the Bang Boat. It didn’t take much to get those perky tits and phat ass in the boat for a sailing adventure. She loved spreading her sea legs and taking on a big eel of a cock and sucking down all its contents. It is one hellava day at sea!

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