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Housewife Bangers: Jayda

Sep 28,2006

House Wife Bangers: JaydaSlutty Blonde Swinger Gets Swung
Jayda and her studly husband are into swinging big time, and have been searching around the web for that perfect cock. They think they found what they are looking for at Housewife Bangers, and it sure seems that way when Jayda and this stunt cock get down and dirty with some pussy pounding action and wet cum sprays.

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  • Her First Big Cock: Lisa

    Sep 23,2006

    Her First Big Cock: LisaWhite Slut Gets Throat Explored
    This hot brunette MiLF is quite the slut. She is a pro at cock sucking, but her eyes really bugged out when she saw the size of this massive package of man sausage. She was thinking what the fuck did I get myself into this time! It wasn’t long until she found out when that big ass monster cock pounded her face and her pussy good. I think she will go back for more!

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  • Her First Anal Sex: Jayna

    Sep 21,2006

    Her First Anal Sex: JaynaHardcore Honey Gets Ass Shot
    *eg* not with a gun, she gets a loaded cock though ready for action. This little slut was just itching to have her tight teen pussy filled with cock meat, and she got more then she bargained for with this crew. She had her tight pussy drilled and then flipped over and that little apple bottom tapped for the first time.

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  • Gang Bang Squad: Richie

    Sep 20,2006

    Gang Bang Squad: RickieTwenty Two Year Old Cock Crazed Slut
    This little bitch loves to have her face slapped with chocolate and vanilla man meat and she got her hearts desires when the guys from Gangbang Squard rolled up on her ass. She got three big ass cocks whipping her in the face and doing their best to destroy that pussy and ass.

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  • Tuesday
    Sep 19,2006

    First Time Swallows: AddisonTastes Like Chicken: NOT!
    This cute brunette had never had the chance to suck on some monkey meat and have it squirt down her throat, so the guys at First Time Swallows thought hey we can help your sluty ass with that. They gave her the ole meat stick and let her suck and spit and swallow that sausuage until it was ready to pop and fill her whore mouth with man milk. She now knows it doesn’t take like chicken anymore.

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  • Monday
    Sep 18,2006

    Black Cocks White Sluts: JoeySluts Mouth Home of the Whopper
    Whopper cock that is, this little blonde is one hell of a cock sucker, she can take the mightest of big black cocks and slurp them down in no time. Her eyes don’t even bulge as that massive meat fills her mouth and slides down her throat. She loves to do the bed tango with a black monster snake and then beg to have it cum all over that little white face. You are gonna wanna check out the free trailer on this one! Its a killer.


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  • Bang Boat: Nicole

    Sep 16,2006

    MiLFNext Door: RachelSea Slut of The Day
    Well it is another fine day on the SS Poontang and time to find another willing cum slut to sail with. It doesn’t ever take thes guys long to find a dong sucking sea slut. This slut has tiny tits, but has a craving for a deep sea exploration in her pink pussy. Today’s catch was Nicole. They found this bitch wanted to be full of a hard cock and can’t wait to have someone drop a heavy load of salty sea cum in her slutty mouth.

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  • Busty Adventures: Paris

    Sep 15,2006

    Busty Adventures: ParisParis in September is Lovely
    I’m not talking about the country. I’m talking about this smoking hot blonde that made my cock perk right up when I saw her over at Busty Adventures. This chick is hot and she is horny little slut. She was grabbing the guys cock over there and ended up fucking her in the locker room, then taking her home for even more hot hard pussy pounding.

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  • Thursday
    Sep 14,2006

    Big Tits Round Asses: BriannaBangable Big Titties
    Once in awhile there is a extra special bitch out there and she makes the whole crew at a site just drop jaws and cocks hard by walkin in the door. This banging brunette was just the type. She walked in smelling like sex and putting off those pheremones that say fuck me like the slut I am. This bitch did some body moves that were amazing; she loved being fucked in every position possible! You should see this bitch get fucked shes a wild ride and every min of tape she has is worth seein.

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  • Big Mouthfulls: Presley

    Sep 13,2006

    Big Mouthfulls: PresleyRob Knobbin Brunette Slut
    Slutty pink pussy with a perfect apple bottom you can’t get any better then this shit. Well maybe you can because this hardcore brunette loved to suck some knob and she sure was rob knobbing his cock and spit shinnin it to perfection. That chick has a star on her ass and man it makes you wanna whip out a cock and slap that shit silly. This is one cock sucking slut you are gonna want to watch!

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