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Jul 26,2006

College Wild Parties: JulyParties are Hotter in July
The party invitation has been written for everyone that loves hot spicy food and mucho caliente pussy to come watch this spicy Latin slut get her pink taco meat, licked, flicked and chewed. This is one party you don’t wanna miss. These bitches are off the hook as they do the Latin Hustle on some spicy thick cock action. Check out the free video clip.

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  • Her First DP: Vanessa

    Jul 25,2006

    Her First DP: VanessaChocolate Action at Both Ends
    This girl looks like the sweetst creature to walk to earth, she doesn’t look like your normal ghetto slut. However, once you get this bitch behind closed doors she becomes quite a sex freak. There was one thing she hadn’t done before and the guys broke her barrier by giving her a big white cock and her first DP with 2 thick hanging white guys.

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  • Her First Big Cock: Nakia

    Jul 21,2006

    Her First Big Cock: NakiaPut another Skank on the Barbie
    These guys said screw the BBQ when they saw this blonde begging for a fucking come strolling by. Nakia was pushing them to drill and not grill, and her tiny apple bottom was screaming out for some brown brats to fill. That bitch got some hotdogs to munch on and some cole slaw to finish with.

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  • MILF Seeker: Kelly

    Jul 20,2006

    MiLF Seeker: KellyAged and Ready for Thick Cock
    This hardcore blonde MiLF is 42 years old and she was out hunting for hot man meat at the same time this crew was hunting for a hot pink MiLF pussy to pound. They both got what they wanted and the fucking is unreal. She loved the jocks that found her and fucked her like the true slut she was. She barely made it home to the kids in time after these cocks were done with her.

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  • She Got Pimped: Tina

    Jul 19,2006

    She Got Pimped: TinaGhetto Slut to Bedroom Whore
    This bitch knew she needed a make over no doubt about it and she really wanted to impress the guys to get into a new hip hop video that she thought they were putting out. So she let them pimp her out for the video then poke that sweet pink pussy and dip some thick cock into that sweet mouth. She loved being pounded so much she forgot all about that hip hop video.

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  • Her First Anal Sex: Ricki

    Jul 18,2006

    Her First Anal Sex: RickiTwo to Get Ready and Plow Plow Plow
    This week at Her First Anal Sex a mighty duo hits the streets and finds Ricki out in the Southern California Sun. They invited thsi hot brunette home for some fun in the crib. She loves to fuck and suck, but watch her pretty mouth form a huge “o” as her asshole is violated for the first time.

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  • Teens For Cash: Allison

    Jul 16,2006

    Teens for Cash: AllisonTeen Allison: Cost $1200.00 American
    This teen slut was as hotter then the tempatures outside and it was a hot day! It only took this little beaver $100.00 to get into the car, and the more money they gave her the more this little tramp took her clothes off and bent over for some hot American cock to drill that little pie of hers.

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  • First Time Auditions: Jen

    Jul 14,2006

    First Time Auditions:JenCover Girl For Maxims???
    Not yet, but that is what this sultry little blonde bitch wants to do when she grows up. She is only 18 years old so that could change, but right now thats her fantasy job. She admits she is animal lover and just adores any guy that has a huge bankroll and willing to spend some of those G’s on her. With those baby blue eyes, I can imagine she gets quite a few of those bankrolls, today however she got something else that was fat and it was a thick cock. Watch this blonde whore give up her pink tight pussy for a chance to be on a popular magazine.

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  • In The Vip: June 17

    Jul 13,2006

    In The Vip: Party Date June 17Party Date June 17th West Coast Style
    The guys were hanging out west coast side and they had an utter blow out this time. The bitches were letting it all hang out as soon as the guys came thru the VIP doors and showed some cash. They got some wild action watching tits and panties, then took it outside to get that thick cock wet in some tight pink pussy.

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  • Wednesday
    Jul 12,2006

    Euro Sex Parties:  TwinsIt is Fuck A Hot Blonde Day
    That is what the action was all about at this weeks Euro Sex Party. The guys went out cruizing for blonde chicks and found them! Vic knew some dirty slutty blondes and called them up and invited them over. These blonde twins knew exactly how to tease and please these guys. These were some definate dirty blondes. They knew when to tease and then how to please ohhh so damn good.

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