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Jun 30,2006

Horny Spanish Flies: FelonyNot Fucking Felony would be a crime
She was on a break from work when the guys found her. She was so fucking hot and her name was Felony. She wouldn’t leave work good girl that she is just to get some thick Julian cock, but after work she called the guys and came on over. It wasn’t long till she was tasting man muscle and having that pink pussy pounded and filled with thick cock.

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  • Couples Seduce Teens: Melissa

    Jun 29,2006

    Coeds Need Cash: MelissaCock Sucking Break Between Classes
    The college that Melissa found here, wasn’t exactly making her budget she planned. There were tons of extra costs that she hadn’t planned on. You could say she was a bit extended. She was amazed and shocked with the cash came out and followed them all the way back to the apartment to fuck and suck and earn that money honey.

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  • Wednesday
    Jun 28,2006

    Casting Couch Teens: CameronEighteen and Ready for her Close Up
    This blonde aspires to be a star at the tender age of 18 and is ready to get her close up. She is a bit shocked when the close up they wanted was of her pussy. It isn’t suprising to realize she can’t dance, sing or act. She is gonna have to fuck her way to the top and after being offered 1,000 she was down on her knees singing a cock song.

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  • Big Tit Patrol: Danni

    Jun 27,2006

    Big Tit Patrol: DanniMountains of Happiness: 34DD Danni
    This brunette was all smiles even after being busted by the Big Tit Patrol. She loved oiling up those big sweet mounds and letting the patrol put down some pipe in between them. She buried that cock so deep it was hard for her to put her mouth around it and suck it. This is one episode you wanna see!

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  • 40 Inch Plus: Mikayla

    Jun 26,2006

    40 Inch Plus: MikaylaThe 42inch Report
    This hot little bottom was on the phone whining about her tryouts at the strip club. That she failed so horribly. The guys had no idea what to expect, if she flunked a strip club what did she look like. When she came thru te door howevr and they saw that 42 inch bouncing ass they knew they were onto something HOT! The guys were all about the self esteem when she showed up and showed her she has the ass and body for that club, and needed a bit of polishing. She got to polish and spit shine some thick peckers along with that routine.

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  • Thursday
    Jun 22,2006

    Big Cocks White Sluts: EliseThe Perfect Oreo Cookie Recipe
    Just take one unsuspecting white slut and slam her ass between two thick cocked brothas and watch the action. That is the best cookie you can get! This little whore had no idea what she was getting that tight pink pussy and perfect mouth into. She was gagging on cock and being ripped apart at the seams by some massive dong. Its hard to tell if she liked it her mouth was to full for her to answer.

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  • Thursday
    Jun 22,2006

    Tiny Black Adventures: ArielThe hunt for the perfect Mocha Dark Chocolate Pussy
    It didn’t take Tiny long to find sexy Ariel. She was outta control and just waiting to find a guy to fuck. She even took all his thick black cock and she loved having that pink pussy pounded until she got a face load of man goo.

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  • Big Naturals: Danni

    Jun 20,2006

    Big Naturals: Danny36DD Oiled Up and Ready to Fuck
    This week features a sultry brunette that offers you those thick thirty six double d tits that are ready to be plundered and fucked. Who can make it to the top of those mountains of flesh and drive a thick cock inside. The guys at Big Naturals of course; they oiled those titties up and slide some cock deep inside those huge hooters, then took the time to really explore that pink cave below.

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  • She Got Pimped: Vivica

    Jun 15,2006

    She Got Pimped: VivicaPimped out Oklahoma Ghetto Whore?
    This little black vixen thought she was the shit man, but she was wearing this fucked up sweat suit thing. The guys thought she needed to be skanked out and really gave her the works until she was a total sex whore. This little innocent Oklahoma bitch gets turned inside out and fucked like the ho she is.

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  • Wednesday
    Jun 14,2006

    First Time Swallows: MonicaInnocent Porn? Who is that Naive?
    Bootylicious Monica is! She thought she could just walk in buy a bit o porn and scurry off home. She got nabbed by the guy and he has her blushing and thinking about becoming the star of the porn instead of just watching it at home. Watch this little brunette get her world turned upside down and outside in as she sucks cock and gets a thick cum cocktail.

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