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MILF Hunter: Cheryl

Apr 30,2006

MiLFBeachside MILF Patrol
Sems our hunter was on the beach this time just hanging out and checking out the tight bikinis and camel toes when he comes across this bad ass MILF. She was sunning herself in her very tight bikini and waitinf or her kids to come back from their outting. He had her home an banging in no time once she found out he lived only 2 blocks away and there was plenty of time for pussy pounding before the brats came back.

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  • Mikes Apartment: Maria

    Apr 29,2006

    MikesMike is now Rumor Material
    All the girls at the local college know the deal about Mike. If you are in some money straights and need a place to chill for a while, then head over to Mike’s Apartment. He doesn’t ask for rent cash just a little booty. You can fuck yourself with fingers or get banged and still have a place to crash. They met Maria at the busstop and once they got this bitch home they stuffed her mouth with cock so she would shut the fuck up.

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  • Mike In Brazil:Agazha

    Apr 29,2006

    MikeIs She Really Innocent???
    She looked it, but then again she has this look abouther that says something is perverted and kinky inside her. Tony coaxed her to show that inner freaky kinky side to them. She knew she wanted more kink and hard cock and they really got her to freak out on them. She played innocent and inexperienced, but once she got that cock man o man was that a sham! Watch this little whore go.

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  • In The Vip: Ava

    Apr 28,2006

    InWest Coast Party Action
    Here is the skinny on this hot party happening on the West Coast. This one had all the energy and action that the party people want. Ava and her friend wer waiting to pounce on those party guys as soon as they saw them come into sight. There were so many hot bitching girls at this party it was like being in a candy shop and having access to every taste and smell there. There were more flavors then the guys could keep up with. This is one slammin party you gotta check out the hot pussy and hot party action.

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  • Friday
    Apr 28,2006

    CaptainCandis the gold digger
    This bitch wants to be on star search or American Idol or something where she can show the tv and audience her true talent, but the guys found out her true talent isn’t singing, or swinging some baton or other shit. This wicked little whore can suck cock better then a hoover and her tight little pussy loves to be stuffed with thick man muscle.

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  • Euro Sex Parties: Akropolisz

    Apr 28,2006

    EuroParties In Greece
    Yes, the Euro Sex Parties men have made it all the way to Greece! They found this hot little brunette that just loved their accents and was more then willing to show them what Greek mammas are alla bout. She also brought along a sexy little blonde bitch that was ready to party naked. The party started and didn’t end until late in the afternoon, the next afternoon that is!

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  • Cumfiesta:Lucy

    Apr 28,2006

    Cumfiesta:Lucy’s Talented Mouth
    Lucy came to visit and she wanted more then to show everyone her cheerleading skills. She wanted to show her cock sucking skills. We love it when chicks Rah Rah Rah your cock till it makes the touchdown in their mouth!She got ahold of that dick and sucked like a true little whore. She couldn’t wait to get a hot load all over her face and down her throat and then started to suck that thick man meat again and and again.

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  • Big Naturals: Giana

    Apr 27,2006

    Big32DD-24-37 Funbags
    This hot bitch has some big ass titties that are just ripe to be fondled, licked and sucked. She doesn’t even put up a fight, she must be used to people playing with those fun bags of hers. She gets so wet when you play with her titties that she can’t wait to suck that cock and feel you spread her tight pink pussy apart and bang her like the titty slut she is.

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  • Boys First Time: RJ

    Apr 27,2006

    BoysDeepthroat Newbie
    This guy must have latent gay tendencies, because it didnt’ take Magik Mike long to seduce him into leaving the mall and heading home with him to his apartment. Then the fun begins he gets him to touch him, lick him and then deep throat him! What a great new guy this is! This makes one of the best episdodes at Boys First Time I’ve seen you won’t wanna miss this one! Check it out.

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  • Captain Stabbin: Sunny

    Apr 26,2006

    CaptainForcast for today Sunny gets Wet
    It was a sunfilled day at the pier when the Captain and his first mate found this cute brunette pussy. She was just having fun enjoying the sun and wind when the Captain an his mate offered her even more fun by taking a great ride on his ship. What girl could resist a fun filled day at sea. She gets aboard and then things get a bit wet and rough as the Captain gets her pussy wet and pounds it hard and rough.

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